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an OFW based in Qatar for 8 years and has lead FilCom groups helping the distressed OFWs in Doha in collaboration with the Philippine Embassy. He founded the Pinoy Stream while in Qatar to collaborate with volunteer OFWs to implement outreach program for indigent pupils in the Philippines. He obtained his degree in AB Philosophy in 1997 and Master’s degree in Education in 2011. He is currently an Associate Professor in a private tertiary school in Batangas.


an OFW based in Oman, has been one of the pioneers of Pinoystream since its conception. She has been the focal person and dedicated supporter of the program. Combining her talent in saloon management, she engaged herself in broadcasting and will surely share golden wisdom to our streaming families.


a multi-awarded OFW care-giver based in HongKong. She has been with Pinoystream since 2017 and consistently hosting the outreach mission program of the group in Philippines. She has published a book on Dementia cases and became popular in Hongkong health care practitioners.


an entrepreneur, broadcast practitioner and mission advocate. She has been in the broadcast industry at the management level for quite some time; she has taken the leap to extend her expertise and service with indigent children through the advocacy of PinoyStream.


has been one of the pioneers of Pinoystream since early phases of the programme while working as an OFW in Hongkong. Aside from events hosting mainly in Hongkong, she has also initiated some outreach events under the Pinoystream project implementation. Being the most followed digital-jock, Dj Farrah has made the stir in the online radio with her famous program “Heart-to-Heart talk” giving pieces of advice to individuals having challenges in their relationship.


DJ Juvy De Guzman has been into formal broadcasting and housed in different commercial TVs and radio stations such as DWBL, EuroTV, etc. She studied AB Mass Communication at the FEU Manila. At PSVR, she is managing the Media Affairs taking charge of any media events with other broadcasting companies. She is hosting a radio program dubbed as "My Voice" every other day on Pinoy Stream.


Dj Cathy Cruz, KBP is one of the veterans in radio broadcasting. She is currently the producer for Tuklasin Natin, a radio program hosting interviews of different personalities in the sectors of government, non-government and showbiz industry. She has been producing significantly informative programs for Pinoystream and has been tackling important issues in the country.


Dj Mj Kram is a KBP broadcaster and has hosted and guested programs on AM Radio Stations in Metro Manila. He has likewise a back-to-back segments with Dj Juvy De Guzman and Dj Len from Japan where the listeners cannot refused to be entertained because of his serenading charisma in singing and talk shows. He is hosting the show "Music and Me" on Pinoystream.


Dj Angel has been in the online radio giving musical entertainment and witnessing for Christian life as she shares life transformation experience. Although remains to be her struggle, she loves to be with listeners to offer them most requested songs, greetings, dedication and "hugot" lines she has experienced in her own journey. Watch out for her program on PinoyStream dubbed as "real talk" live from Oman.


Dj Queenie is one of the contemporaries of Praise and Worship Songs with significant Christian topics to reflect upon. She has been into online radio broadcasting for the messianic purpose of sharing the gospel to the streaming world live from Japan. She is a resident Digital Jock of Pinoystream every Sunday with her program "The Best of Praise and Worship."


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